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The alternator incident

Well Thomas and I finally settled the strike. We put the terms of payment on the back burner but I did receive free skate sharpens for life along with permission to drink any beer I find in his fridge. I decided to write about a little incident that we had in T1 or for those of you noobs that didn't hang out at Oceanside, Thomas' 1982 Toyota Tercel lovingly called the "Tap Mobile". Since I didn't drive until I was 17, Thomas was usually my way to work at Oceanside. On Friday nights usually Thomas, Kerry, Jimmy, and I would all either be working or hanging out at Oceanside with nothing better to do. (We honestly were dorks...But, look at us now!) Thomas came by my house to pick me up and make the 10 mile drive to Tempe. For some reason; Thomas came about an hour earlier than necessary giving the explanation of needing to stop by Auto Zone to test and charge his battery. The amateur "parts specialist" diagnosed the problem as not a battery problem,…


Someone once said a crib would look nice in our guest bedroom. Someone else said an Air Hockey table would look even better. Air Hockey-1 Crib-0 Ladies & Gentlemen- It is my pleasure to announce..... GAME ON! Our Air Hockey table is here! Please come try your hand against the best Air hockey players to ever walk the Earth. Traci and I have been training non stop since Tuesday night so....good luck!

Mobiscope - Easy Home surveillance

Mobiscope - Easy Home surveillance HAH! I did it! I found software for my Blackberry (Mark this could benefit you) that allows me to access a web cam connected to my computer via my Blackberry. So currently I have 2 web cams set up, one in the living room and one in the office. I then access the Mobiscope program on my phone and connect to which camera I would like to view. The program allows me to enable recording of the video from either the computer or the Blackberry. It has motion detection as well, so if there is motion detected in my house the camera will begin recording. The videos are saved to the computer but also accessible from the Blackberry. Currently Mobiscope is a free download for Blackberry and some other Internet enabled phones with Java. In summation, get a Blackberry, get Mobiscope, and keep an eye on your shit. Send me a message in the forum if you want more info. -Thomas

Writer Strike?

HAH! It seems that my writers have joined the strike! If anyone hears from JTen or Justin please let them know that I never received a list of demands. Typically you strike if negotiations are not going well, but if I don't even know what we are negotiating then I don't understand the point, neither of you are on any sort of payroll (by the way, it will remain that way). Perhaps you are just supporting your fellow writers, which is cute and all but seriously now is the time to get good writing jobs! To quote the great Jimmy Vulmer, "I mean come on". We need a solution to the writer strike, and I don't think a lock-in at the rec center will do, but you never know. What do you think guys? Thomas