Bad Ass Points: Update

Here is the Bad Ass Point update for 3/5/2008. Luke- For vomiting in his wife's car and showing up for work the next day, 6 BAPs Kristen- For this picture titled "Seriously Bad Ass", 2 BAP's Traci- For being escorted out of D&B by 6 security guards, 6BAP's Rob- For this mustache, 7 BAPs Eric- For this picture, 3.5 BAPs + 3 BAPs for knowing what a "lude" is. Tiffany- For asking for a black eye, 1 BAP Colin- For telling the lady at AM PM Hilary wouldn't be on the ballot, but she could probably "write her in", 1 BAPs Stef- For her cunning use of the English language and pronunciation of "obliterated" in Tenkely.Net's first official complaint, 2 BAPs (listen to her complaint below) Thanks for your submission this week. Keep sending in your requests for points and I will keep telling you whether or not you are a Bad Ass.

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