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WWDC 2008 News: Loopt shows off new app for the iPhone

This video refers to the iPhone a lot but Loopt is available on over 100 gps enabled phones. I just put it on my G1 and it is pretty cool. It does Twitter and Facebook integration and allows you to set all permissions (who can see you, what location to share, etc.). If you have a gps phone you should really check it out!

The Bush Shoe Toss Revisited.

As you all may remember, recently an Iraqi journalist found himself so emotionally moved by our lovable Texan, that he tossed his shoes to him in a gesture of friendship and universal goodwill. However, GDub (perhaps remembering the recent polls) failed to recognize the gesture as such and called upon his Ninja skills to force the footware projectiles to move around him.  While those unschooled in the Ninja way, will say that El Presidente merely ducked the incoming shoes. But I have been assured by The Captain that these people are dipwads and therefore should not be acknowledged.  So, gentle reader, you may ask yourself why I'm bringing this incident up? (as well you should.) Since I have watched the video of this incident multiple times, I have come up with but one ominous observation... It would appear that the "Secret Service" who are tasked with protecting our president at all costs, will gladly take a bullet for him,  but   not   a   shoe!!  (or even two shoes). I fear …

Metro Light Rail

Here are some pics and video from the Metro Light Rail's grand opening. Metro on Apache View of Tempe Town Lake from the Metro Bridge Cruising down Central ....and Cruella Deville was there.

We have a Winner!

Well, the Caption Contest came out as a tie between myself and this guy, so as usual I will just declare myself the winner since you people were unable to decide on one yourselves. Just kidding, I will concede this round to Eric (I actually even voted for his...) and he will be rewarded with a Dolphin Free/Tenkely.Net T-Shirt.  Congratulations...tool.

Best Christmas Gifts

Here are the top two Christmas gifts I saw/received this year.

Potato Peeler

Given to me by my mother. It is from The Pampered Chef.

Pug Bobble Head Paper Towel Roll Holder

Not available in stores, this a custom made item. It was a gift from my Dad to my Mom.

What kind of gifts did you see/receive?

Don't like speed cameras? Use them to punk your enemies

New: RIAA, No ISP Filtering

New import from China

Hey. Look what I found. Just the thing the parents out there and chidren of all ages...

Reminder: Caption Game Ends Soon!

Don't forget, you have until Friday to get you submissions in for the Caption Game.
Due to the large number of complaints from the last Caption Game (link), which I won fair and square, this time I will set up the top submissions in a poll and you can choose the winner and recipient of a free Tenkely.Net/Dolphin Free T-Shirt.

I got your Christmas gift right here...

So my wife sez to me...
"Will I be getting that nice necklace this year, dear?"

So I sez...
"Well it may not be the one you're hoping for, but it'll certainly go around your neck."
And then I added... "Say, how do you feel about rope?"

Oh, how we laughed and laughed!

But then, as our laughter faded away,
from somewhere in the desert,
a lone coyote began his mournful howl.

The end.

When Elves Go Bad...

Good Call JTen, let's Caption Game this pic. Leave your best caption in the comment section under this post and the winner will receive a Tenkely.Net T-Shirt. Multiple entries are encouraged!

Google Friend Connect

Google gave me access into Friend Connect today so I can add a little something social to the blog. Join up fools! Once you do you can write on the comment wall, rate the site, and meet new people who've also join the site. You can also connect with frinds from other social networks. Currently, Google, Orkut, and Plaxo are available and you can show activity from here on those other networks. It is my impression that more are coming! Give it a try. Join up and become a member of Dolphin Free! You grandparents will love you.