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Global Warming... Solved

According to this chart I found on the Internet there is a very simple solution to global warming, more pirates. Please send my $$ for solving this issue to my paypal account.

Hah! Wood Might Get Google Anyway!

So before the Wood's moved out of Dodge, we (a collaboration of myself and some equally 'tuned in' people) tried to convince Wood to get a GMail account so it would be easy for us all to stay in touch, since we ALL have GMail (expect Wood). He explained to me that he had Skype and he wouldn't get GMail.  Well in the poetic words of Tina Fey.... Suck it. ;) I for one hope this happens for the simple reason that Wood would by default end up with a Google account! HAHAHAHA Google/Skype Acquisition or Partnership Imminent? (this is not a Rick Roll) Posted using ShareThis

Complaints about Comments and Complaints...Section

UPDATE: This post is out of date current information on the epic comment system can be found here:

Ok, so I have recently received some feedback suggesting that the new comment system was too confusing or dificult to understand. So here is what I have done to address your concerns.
1- I have re-enabled Blogger's inline comments, which means you will see a link under every post for comments (click on it). Comments here are post specific. 2- You can see a "comment box" to the right side of the page. That comment box is similar to a "Wall". It is not attached to any paticular post and can be used to sound off about anything you wish. Anything written in this box will show through out the blog, not just on the page you typed it on.  3- There is a 3rd comment box on the bottom of the blog. This is/was the failed attempt at the new comment system I tried to utilized but received such poor feedback. This patic…

Celebrity Sighting

Holy Crap!! It's freakin Paul Blart, Mall Cop!!!

Free My Faves from T-Mobile

Those of you with T-Mobile should know that you can call Customer Care (611) and add their "My Faves" service for free. All you need to do is extend your service agreement 2 years.

Cardinals Going to the Super Bowl


Wii Fail

I know some people you know some people who recently got new Wii's. People, they have wrist straps for a reason.

Check out this lady's shirt


My Wife's Cricut

So my lady got a Cricut, from yours truly, for Christmas. It arrived today and I thought I would give it a try...Picture speaks for itself...

NEWS FLASH 1.4.2009

I felt you all should know that the below pictured sandwich was DELICIOUS! Back to you Chet.