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Another Random Video

A few years ago I was working a show and an old roadie told me never let the boom arms of a mic stand stick out to far..... at the time I thought it was because it looked tacky, but now I know why...
Eat my microphone

YouTube Realtime Sharing Bar

I have some invites to YouTube's new Realtime Sharing Bar (thanks @aniruddhdodiya), a new feature on YouTube that makes it easier to share videos with friends on YouTube. If you want to get it early, just add me as a friend on YouTube, I don't have many invites left so first come, first serve.

Pirate Activity

Unless you be stuck in the brig, you should be aware of the recent news involving the Somalian pirates who were recently sniped while holding a US captain hostage. These guys are were not pirates, and it is easy to tell because they did not follow the most important pirate rule (no, it's not "stick to the code"), they did not run away, run away to fight another day. A real pirate would have realized stranded in a life boat is not a preferable bargaining position and would have slipped away quickly. No, the Somalians are not pirates, they are just terrorists with boats, swimming in the axis of evil (anyone seen Cheney lately?) I personally have been a believer of the run away rule for longer than I can remember and it has never let me can't lose a fight you won't win if you don't fight it, savvy? It may also surprise you to know that this is just one story, there are other pirate related activities happening right now. Recently The Pirate Bay guys …

Manly bloopers

I agree with Eric... too much Nancy sheeeeet going on around here lately so here a video of manly men getting hurt, that's how we like it.Pay attention at 0:45, priceless.

What the shit.....

All these flowers and cutesy prairie dogs were getting me down. This blog was headed down the wrong path, and I felt that it was my job to correct it.

From Flora to Fauna

Flowers are pretty, but are they a match for... Prairie Dogs in Love!!! Ain't they just the cutest little buggers?

A Third Flower

This one is called an Awesome Flower. I think it is pretty easy to tell why.

Another flower...

Right back at ya. Behold the Mighty Amaryllis...


Yep, this is a flower. I snapped this picture of our new hydrangea before I repotted it and pray it survives. I seem to be able to grow anything except the flower that was used in my wedding...odd huh...

That Blue Bar

I was advised that it might be a good idea to point out some of the features/purpose of the blue bar at the bottom of the site. The blue bar is called a Social Bar. It is part of Google Friend Connect and lets people interact with blogs and websites. When you visit a site that has Google Friend Connect, you can join/follow it using a log on you already have; Google, AIM, Yahoo, OpenID. Once you join you can see other people who have "joined" or "followed" (the "Followers" gadget on Blogger IS Google Friend Connect) and see some information about them; other sites they have joined, sites they link to, their recent activity, and friends they have made via Friend Connect. When you follow a site, it is automatically added to your Google Reader. Friend Connect creates a social network, but it spans across many sites, not just one. You can customize as well, pick what profile you want to use, what links to show, and what activity to show. For example, if I do n…

Fish Oil Surprise

While perusing my medicine closet, examining all my drugs, medicines and various vitamins and supplements, I noticed something on the label of one of the supplements. I'm speaking of my Fish Oil capsules. They're 1200 mg of odorless Omega 3 fatty acids, and stuff. As many of you may know, this Fish Oil “may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease” due to the Omega 3 chubby acids within oily fishes… However, while there are scientific studies that support this claim, the FDA says that the evidence is inconclusive… In addition to the above, this product is said to… and who doesn't want that? But hold on! There’s an additional benefit that really caught my eye. This extra benefit of the fish oil capsules is one you wouldn’t expect from a supplement!! After thinking about all the work it took to accomplish this, I blessed the scientists, and then thought, why the Hell not? If science can control farts, why not burps?  Especially in fish, whose burps rival (if not surpass) the arom…


Who has two thumbs and rocks? This guy! Heh.

Spring Training

Read the Evite...  I need to read Evites when I get them, not just accept them. What I thought was a Spring Training themed evening BBQ/party, was actually a early afternoon spring training game... heh. I failed to buy a ticket, and literally found out the event started at 11am, when I got out of bed at 10:30am. But in true rockstar fashion, I pulled it together, picked up the substitute wife and headed off to Glendale. I gotta be honest... I didn't watch a second of the game, I did take a picture of the scoreboard though.. Then, I got to see Wayne's tattoo... After that Eric's uncle Tom told me he loved me... Stef did yoga... and we tried to convince Wayne to grow a throat beard... I love Spring Training!

200 Posts!

Hooray! This is my 200th post!! I would like to thank the academy, God, my family, Fruity Pebbles, Brawndo, and I couldn't forget all those dirty Dolphins! I never could have done it with any of you! God bless and thank you all!

Dog House

Recently I have had to spend some time in the dog house. Why you ask? Well I decided to come home with one of these little "movie downloading machines" and lets just say Traci was "less than enthused". By the way hit me up on Xbox Live 'ttenkely' Love you babe!