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Harvesting Time

Those pumpkin seeds I threw on the ground last fall grew into a friggen huge pumpkin patch. Now that it is 107+ outside, I figured I better pick them before they all spoil. I came out with 4, so not too shabby, although I have not determined entirely what to do with pumpkins in June. Here's what I am thinking: 1. Have Traci make me pumpkin pie. 2. Have Traci make pumpkin whoopie pie. 3. Cave a Jack-o-lantern and put it outside at night. 4. Pumpkin seeds. 5. Smash one on a lucky friend's door step. I will let you all know what I decide to do, but if you become the lucky winner of number 5... you will know right away!

PETA: Check this out!

Apparently President Obama swatted a fly that was bothering him during an interview, from what I understand it was a fairly impressive strike as well. Anyway, PETA called the swatting of the fly an 'execution' and wants the President to be more sympathetic. Seriously? PETA, you think that's bad?  Check this out. Lately we've had a bit of an issue with there being to many flies in the kitchen (an unnamed roommate tends to leave the patio door open). I tried shooing the flies outside but they were not having it, so I resorted to 'Plan B'. 'Plan B' consisted of using my deluxe red fly swatter with 'mercy hole' (a fly shaped hole in the middle of the swatter) to dominate as many flies as possible. As I created corpses, I placed them not in the trash or compost, but rather I decided to display them in the sink for the remaining flies to see. My plan worked perfectly and within only a few days, the remaining flies vacated the premises and were never s…

All For Good

While going though my Google Reader this morning, I came across a new site dedicated to helping people find ways to volunteer and help their communities. It is sort of like the Craigslist of volunteer oppurtunities. Please check it out and join it. Here is the link: The main page has a message from the First Lady, Michelle Obama.
This is one of those rare sites that is truly awesome.

Mixed Emotions

Came home today to find this gem waiting for me in one of the dog bowls. I am not sure if I should be pissed about this or very impressed... what do you think?

Drunk Dial 3.14.2009

This message came in around 3 this morning. I have no idea who it is from, but the conversation is interesting. They seem be arguing over the correct use of the words 'Asian' and 'Oriental'. What do you think?

Blog War 2009 - Part 1

In case you haven't heard... it's on. It is on like Donkey Kong.
Blog War 2009 is now in full effect, and if you don't know... now you know. Let me start with a little history.
My wife has a little blog she refers to as "The Better Half". Obviously a misnomer, if she and I were twisted in half, like an Oreo, my half would have the frosting. Anyway, her blog is pretty cute. Traci usually posts about our dogs, her crafts, recipes, and other things. I give her 'shout outs' from this site promoting how great she is (My Wife Rocks,A Home Divided, tenkely tips #1).Then, last week, this broad throws a curve ball. Her post titled: The Honey Half-Do List, is one of the most blasphemous literary documents of the 21st century, almost as bad as anything by Ann Coulter (suck it Wood). Riddled with inaccuracies, this work begs the question, "Well lady... what are you doing while these numerous tasks are being performed? Are you just wandering around the house taki…

And now for something completely different...

A rare glimpse of the elusive Smiling Armadillo. pretty sweet

The Stranger in our Midst...