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Blog Action Day - Climate Change

This year I joined Blog Action Day 2009. Today bloggers everywhere will write about Climate Change in an effort to raise awareness and promote action. I was excited when I learned about #BAD2009, the fact that it coincides with my current trip to San Diego and everything I am reading at both the San Diego Zoo and Sea World about conservation of animals and resources seem too perfect of an opportunity to pass up.

Climate change is an issue that affects all of us in one way or another. As I mentioned before I am hanging out in San Diego and got the pleasure of  seeing the Polar bears. Did you know many Polar bears are drowning? Climate change and melting ice flow means there is a much greater distance between the sea ice and the Polar bears are unable to swim the increased distance. Rent the Disney movie, "Earth" to see exactly what I'm talking about.
A little closer to home, all of my Flagstaff people have most likely heard me complain about an annoying little bug called the Pine Beetle at some point. This beetle is already the cause of so many problems relating to dead and dry tress in Northern Arizona, creating kindling for the forest fires that we fear every summer. Pine trees used to keep beetles in check using water to assist in creation of sap that can keep beetles at bay and cold winter weather, which beetles do not thrive in. Increased temperatures have meant decreased water and warmer winters, a lose lose for Pine trees.
There are plenty of reasons to be concerned about climate change.
Please check out this site with brief videos outlining climate change in Google Earth, read up on some of the facts and take action today.
Thanks everyone!

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