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Business Card Bar Prank

Last Friday we posted, Smooth (Future) Dr. Rob, where I showed off some homemade business cards I would be distributing at the bar for Rob's 29th birthday.
Things. Went. Flawlessly.

Upon arrival at the bar we set to work, making several rounds of the bar bestowing the paper gems only to select ladies who met specific criteria (not with a dude). We gave them to many, many of these select ladies. We also left them at the front counter, in the toothpick holder, in the bathrooms, in the window, and may have had one strategically place on Rob's hat at one point.

Rob had NO idea. Somehow we managed to distribute all these cards with out him finding out for a good 3-4 hours. People were coming up to him asking questions, waving, saying hi, a few girls even held the card up near him to see if it was really him on the card (a lot of people thought the 'current' Rob looked more like Chuck Norris than the Rob on the cards). Judging from this iPhone comparison, they were right.
Eventually, somehow Rob was clued in and he slowly (very slowly) began to put the pieces of this puzzle together... all the random people coming up, wishing him happy birthday, calling him smooth Dr. Rob.Once the confusion settled, he took it like a champ and continued to entertain the 'select ladies' who queried him regarding his business cards.
Now presumably, if you stamp a man's cell phone number on a business card and pass it out at a bar, he's gonna get a couple phone calls. Interestingly enough, he only received two. Perhaps the other ladies are waiting a few days to call so they don't seem too desperate.

The night ended well and Rob even avoided being regulated by the Regulator (not Warren G) for slap boxing and dueling with the Big Game Hunting video game rifles (I mean dueling, like with swords, not guns).
You can see all the pictures and download the ones you like from the Picasa album below.

Rob's 29th Birthday
Thanks Rob, for an incredibly entertaining evening!
Remember something Rob or I don't? Leave a comment.

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