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New Social Features - Google Friend Connect

Today Google released some new features to the Google Friend Connect system I use here (and you probably use on your blog). Most notably, you can now send private messages to users you come across on the site. So if you want to ask JDub who tattooed his areolas, you can just click on his face and then click 'Send Message'. He gets the message and can reply to you if he wants.
In addition to the private messages, Friend Connect also added "Interests" and "Newsletters".
Interests can be filled out by you, so you can see what you have in common with other users of the site. For example; Eric has man crush on Dana White and notices that Whitey lists MMA in his interests. Eric could then send Whitey a message asking him about which UFC fighter has the best calves. Right now I only have location and gender enabled, but please leave your suggestions in the comments.
The Newsletter feature is just that, a newsletter. It is opt in only (I think) and lets me or another site administrator send out a newsletter to all the people who subscribe to it. I put the newsletter subscription gadget down at the bottom of the page... although I have not determined what if any content I would put into a newsletter for this site. If I do make one, I will assure you that it will make your children cry (in a good way).
All the new this stuff is easily accessed by clicking on your settings after you login to Dolphin Free.

Check it out and let me know what you think by leaving a comment below. If you want to learn more about these new GFC features check out the official post on the Social Web Blog.

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