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Blog Away

I just got a new app for my Android phone called Blog Away. Basically, it looks like I can go back to blogging from the bathrooms! Not that I couldn't before but now I have an app dedicated to it. Heh.
Ps. This dog is not ours.

AVG Free vs. Microsoft Security Essentials

I received an email today with a good question about which anti virus software is better. Figured it would be best if I shared my wealth of knowledge with everyone not just the asker (pops).

I have AVG Free. 
Mom has Windows Security Essentials. What is the difference and why one or the other and etc.?
A: Darth-
You are unnecessarily concerned about this. Mom has MSE because when when the Storm Troopers hit her laptop with that stray blaster shot I ended up needing to uninstall her antivirus (AVG). I put MSE on because it was shiny new and I wanted to see what it was like. I have it running on 2 of my computers at home and so far Obi and I like it. Really not much difference between it and AVG as far as I can tell though. MSE has malware protection (which might be good for you considering gargantuan amount of software you install on your computers), but both do about the same thing and are low on system resources, Sand People, Banthas, etc. So, in summation, DON"T DO ANYTHING. L…

Chinese Man Throws Bicycle at Thieves on Scooter!

In case you missed this... The 2 guys on the scooter stole a woman's purse and the dude on the bike...well.. he wrecks them. Awesome. Here is my question: The dude who threw the bike is obviously a Superhero, but, what should his Superhero name be? Leave your ideas in the comments.

Brickfish Social Media: Doo

Brickfish Social Media: Doo
My wife has entered our dog into some kind of contest. Please take a look at his picture and tell me that is not the most cognitively impaired dog you have ever seen. Obviously he needs some support. Please vote for him and share his link with all your Twitter and Facebook friends. He would appreciate it if he weren't too dumb to know what was going on.

Sore Knees

Click on the picture to read the license plate in front of me.

I wonder why...


Rihanna Introduces VEVO to YouTube- Words of advice to Vevo: No need to delve into tragic reality television programming, that other music video channel has that crap covered.

Pike Place Market

I went to Seattle back in October but forgot to share any pics or videos. So here is a couple pictures I like and a grainy video from the fish toss. Click to enlarge.

Pug Time Out

This might look cute, but this little shit is in full blown "Time Out" (which I fully believe in). When he acts up, like pissing in fellow pugs food dishes, I send him to his hole/cubby.
I know what you are thinking, "How did I train him to stay there?" I didn't. He is secured via staple gun (notice the sad face).