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Video Texting - NOT Sexting (that's gross)

DUDES!!! Let me tell you about why you're about to be seeing my face on your phone a whole lot more. "Video Texting" or "vexting" as I am dubbing it right now, is when instead of typing out an 'LOL' or sending a ";)" you send a video instead! EPIC! Yes, yes, ya'll, now you can send texts without even typing! Save your thumbs for things you're gonna need, like hitch hiking rides to the deli so you can get your fat ass a sandwich!  BOOM! Since so many phones now come with the ability to send and receive MMS (thanks for coming to the party iPhone, better late than never I guess...) why bother typing at all?!?! Now I know that some of you clowns are all like "But hey, I don't want people to see my  face on a video and I'm totally not gonna send one to a friend either!" We'll lady with an annoyingly high voice (in my head people... I know you can't hear anything), to that I say thbbttttt! What about sending a vext …

Books vs Video Games

Video games are no different than books, in fact, they are actually better. I often have this conversation with my wife. She will be reading somewhere in the house, puts her book down, sees me playing some video games, and starts to give me shit. I always reply, "video games are the same as books". She disagrees, we go back and forth for a minute, and she walks away defeated. [side note: I typically win all the arguments in this house, it's just how I roll.] Well I got to thinking about it the other night and decided it is probably time I shared this fact with everyone so people will quit wasting time with books.

The Brain Trust on Google Wave

Last month some of us thought we would start a Google wave to brain storm "get rich quick" ideas...

As you can tell, we will be very rich soon (and don't steal my poison hair spray idea).

Firefox Logo

This picture of Gemma preparing to sink her teeth into an unsuspecting, albeit undeniably deserving shitzu... TOTALY looks like the Firefox logo!

New: Free Advice

(Too many pairs of sun glasses)In the spirit of giving things away for free, I/we now offer free advice. You can either click the link above or tweet your questions to @dolphin_free and we'll provide some you with some sweet advice.
Spread the word! Our advice is the best you'll get (by our standards of course).All advice is offered "for what it's worth"Dolphin Free on Twitter

Google Nexus One - WTF

Anyone who knows me, or has read this blog, or has overheard me talking about my phone, or seen me wearing my sweet Dork Forest shirt could probably tell you three things, 1- I am into tech, and 2- I use Google for everything, and 3- I love my phone. I literally walk around town talking about Android in general and I have enjoyed watching the contacts in my Google Talk list acquire little android robots next to their names, as I talk them into new Android phones! Well, when I started hearing rumors about Google possibly launching their own phone I was intrigued. Then, shortly after that I started to see spy cam shots of this alleged phone, followed by some video and leaked specs and... wow, it was all I could talk about forweeks (ask my wife, thought she was gonna kill me). Then, Engadget gets one sent to them (in the friggen mail) and today Mashable received one too. Turns out Fred at A VC had one the whole friggen time! I know what your thinking, "well how's yours?" I …