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How about some stats?

Occasionally I check some stats on this blog. I look at the number of  visitors, referrals, etc. and I also check search results. I get a kick out of seeing what searches return this site and where on the results page they are ranked. I was delighted to find this one particular search sting giving a good high rank on the results page. Go ahead and search "punch a dolphin in the face"... BOOM! Dolphin Free is the third or fourth result returned, heh. For the record, I am not advocating that you should punch a dolphin in the face, however it's been proven that if you're being attacked by a shark a punch in the face will probably save your life, and since sharks and dolphins have a similar shape... I guess you could go either way on that.

Saving lives a day at a time...

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Some More Thoughts about Project Fi

First off... I’m still using Project Fi.This post originally started as a response to a comment about people quitting Project Fi too early and not letting the Project grow and improve... but it got long, so now it's a blog post. Boom.
I agree with many that Project Fi is still in its early stages, in “Project” mode, and has not been around long enough to work out all the kinks. The things some people say it offers that other services don’t (cross device calls and texts) can be achieved for free with Google Voice and there is very little difference to the end users. The biggest things Project Fi has going for it are these two things:

1. WiFi Assistant

This could/should be huge… like really super duper huge. Free high speed WiFi all over the place. Stream and browse at will! That said I’ve been on Project Fi for 4 months and have only had 3 or 4 keys. This needs to improve drastically in order to mitigate the large price increase people coming from far more data friendly plans would…