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Kodak PlaySport Underwater HD

I saw the Kodak Play Sport on Amazon a while ago, however, once I realized the one I was looking at shot 1080p HD video up to 10ft underwater, it went right into the cart (or wish list until the purchase was approved by the Mrs, either way the intent was there). This camcorder was an upgrade from my old Aiptek HD that was recently passed on to my brother who is currently using it to shoot videos of him playing with toy trucks (tool). So far I a super excited about shooting with this thing. It has minimalist hardware controls, quick access to a 5MP camera mode, 720p, 720p (60), and 1080p video. It also has Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) and face tracking (which totally works shooting video underwater)! Form wise, the cam is light but sturdy feeling and fits my palm perfectly.
I promised the peeps on Buzz some test footage, so here it it, footage from my dirty pool (new pool guy sucks.. I don't care if he's 13 he should take his time and do the job right...heh). Enjoy "kids jumping into a dirty pool", shot by me.

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