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Request to the Twitter Team

I recently asked the wife why she preferred a third party Twitter app of the official app for Android. She replied with a simple and short answer, "It does not remember where I was in the timeline". Fair enough, but I like the Twitter app better than the one she is using, and know that she would too if it did what she needed. So like any goodawesome epic, husband, I told her I would see what I could do.
What follows is the message I sent to Twitter to see about the issue. Time will tell on it's resolution.

Subject: Android App, Timelines, My Demanding Wife
Greetings from my laptop.
I have been a Twitter user for sometime now and am very pleased with your service in general. I also am a very avid Android user, and was incredibly pleased when you released your official app for Android. Unfortunately, my wife (@tracitenkely) flat out refuses to share the same enthusiasm as I do regrading the official app. Her initial frustration arose regrading the app's need for Androi…

Baskets, Burritos, n' Bowels oh my!

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For starters, that's a catchy damn title...Anyway, the wifey found out about this thing called Bountiful Baskets around a year ago, but she never did anything with it. She citied my 'inferred apathy' when she mentioned doing it as the cause... whatever. Well, she finally got around to actually ordering from them and I must give credit where it's due, this baskets thing is pretty sweet. I don't want to go into the specifics of how it works, mostly because I don't care (apathy), but also because that's not why we're here. Basically you pay money and a co-op of farmers or lettuce pickers (what's the pc term for farmers?) puts a bunch of food stuff in a basket, then you go home. Where this gets AMAZING is that they had some kind of 'Mexican pack' that comes packed full of... wait for it....Mexican food! Yowza! We scored a ton of tortillas, like 7 dozen or something crazy, and some peppers n' stuff. So long story short, th…

The Facebook Hokey Pokey

Image via Wikipedia Recently I quit Facebook. I quit in the sense that I deactivated my account and have not logged into it since. When I made my exodus I cited my reasons for leaving as privacy, lack of use, distrust of the service, etc. All these reasons remain true ...but... I went ahead and quietly logged back into Facebook the other day (gasp). Why did I get pulled back in, was it my need to share earth shattering news with my friends, maybe it was an unyielding and unholy need to play FarmVille? No, sadly it was neither. I've never really found Facebook that engaging. I'm sure some people actually read some of the informative crap that I pipe onto it, but it's hard to tell when they remain uncommented on. Lately I find Google Buzz far more engaging than Facebook and noticed I spend loads more time there than anywhere else (Buzz FTW). As far as 'social gaming' is concerned, those games can go pound sand. I play real games and I am well endowed in the game depar…

New Commenting System

(Update: Obviously the commenting system has changed since this post because we're fickle. If you are looking for help setting up a comment system or have questions about the posts here, drop us a line through the contact page)

Despite what anyone says, we listen to your feedback. Recently we received a comment stating that commenting on the site was ridiculously hard. It required loading multiple pages to leave a comment and people were loosing interest while waiting on link clicks and page loads. Well fret no more guy who complains on the internet, we just made a major change to the commenting system @

We will now solely be using Google Friend Connect to power the community. GFC will let you join and comment using the account of your choice, whether it be Google, Twitter, Yahoo, AOL, Netlog, or Open ID. Once you join you can leave comments, participate in polls, make friends on the site, send messages to other members, and be a bad ass.
We took a vote and deci…