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Baskets, Burritos, n' Bowels oh my!

Farmers on bicyleImage via Wikipedia
For starters, that's a catchy damn title...
Anyway, the wifey found out about this thing called Bountiful Baskets around a year ago, but she never did anything with it. She citied my 'inferred apathy' when she mentioned doing it as the cause... whatever. Well, she finally got around to actually ordering from them and I must give credit where it's due, this baskets thing is pretty sweet. I don't want to go into the specifics of how it works, mostly because I don't care (apathy), but also because that's not why we're here. Basically you pay money and a co-op of farmers or lettuce pickers (what's the pc term for farmers?) puts a bunch of food stuff in a basket, then you go home. Where this gets AMAZING is that they had some kind of 'Mexican pack' that comes packed full of... wait for it....Mexican food! Yowza! We scored a ton of tortillas, like 7 dozen or something crazy, and some peppers n' stuff. So long story short, the wifey made me enough burritos and enchiladas to last about 3 weeks. We kept the first week out and froze the other two so they can be heated when it's time for them to merge with me and become one being though digestion. I'm like the Highlander of burritos.
Image via my effing Nexus One
Why am I telling you all of this? I am going to eat nothing but burritos for 3 weeks. It's kinda of like that stupid Soda Challenge I did but this time it's awesome. At the point of writing this I am officially one week in and so far it is amazing. I have seen no negative side effects in my health, my weight has remained level, and my spanglish is improving! I do need a colonoscopy, but the cause of that cannot be traced to a strictly burrito diet, yet. 
Wish me luck in the comments as I head into weeks two and three of the most excellent burrito diet ever!

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