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Bouncing Base Balls

I don't know what it is about fans getting cracked at baseball games that gets me all giddy, maybe it's the fact that they deserve it for being there in the first place but who knows?!? Whatever it is, here is another one... (skip to about 30 seconds in for the meat and potatoes).

Was dude's hand in his pocket as that ball came screaming down into his melon, ready to lay waste to his brain cells like a giant meteor to dinosaurs? I think it was... Heads up fella!

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Some More Thoughts about Project Fi

First off... I’m still using Project Fi.This post originally started as a response to a comment about people quitting Project Fi too early and not letting the Project grow and improve... but it got long, so now it's a blog post. Boom.
I agree with many that Project Fi is still in its early stages, in “Project” mode, and has not been around long enough to work out all the kinks. The things some people say it offers that other services don’t (cross device calls and texts) can be achieved for free with Google Voice and there is very little difference to the end users. The biggest things Project Fi has going for it are these two things:

1. WiFi Assistant

This could/should be huge… like really super duper huge. Free high speed WiFi all over the place. Stream and browse at will! That said I’ve been on Project Fi for 4 months and have only had 3 or 4 keys. This needs to improve drastically in order to mitigate the large price increase people coming from far more data friendly plans would…