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Messages from Mom

The last time we went camping we once again asked my mom to hold down the fort at our house. Unfortunately at the time I was unable to leave her any house sitting instructions (see Tenkely Manor, for the Yeti,  and Instructiones Numero Tres), so some things may have been unclear. In my defense, she has done this half a dozen times so you would think she would have it on lock by now. Yes I forgot to buy food for my iguana, but the rest seemed good. Then I received the following text messages:

Mom: how do make your shower a shower 6:47 AM
Mom: how do u turn the shower on 8:21 AM

The text messages were followed by this voice mail:

Flame glove system demo

I have ordered mine, it should arrive by Tuesday.

Deck Leap...Fail

Tracked this gem down at
You should probably follow these guys on Buzz
Deck Leap...Fail

iDrops on my Nexus One

Possibly the worst day EVAAAAR was when I knocked my phone off a metal filing cabinet and it slid, screen down, across another metal cabinet and onto a metal desk... it sucked. Luckily the phone still worked perfect, but the screen suffered a little cosmetic damage that honestly made me friggen cry. I posted on Buzz looking for help and eventually was turned onto iDrops.

The iDrops were about $15 and shipped pretty quickly considering it was the holiday season, I'm not sure the holidays had much bearing on the shipping of a scratch remover/polishing solution, but hey they they seem to affect everything else, so why not!? Anyway, directions were simple; apply a few drops and moderately buff back and forth across the scratch. The catch here is be prepared to spend some time, like 45 minutes or so on the scratches. I spent a good few hours buffing on my scratches. I am pleased to say that some improvement was achieved. Perhaps not the 'like new' results I wanted but still pr…

Checking off the list

Girl falls into fountain while texting at the Berkshire Mall

Made of win.

Family Phone Stats

On our T-Mobile account there are four people; my wife, my pops, my moms, and myself. While I was reviewing the bill I saw a number that made me want to  make a graph (probably happens to you all the time too).

Look at the results for texts. Of all the texts used in December, my mom used 49%!! No worries as the texting plan is unlimited, but I just thought it was funny that she is obviously a rabid crazy texting monkey. I probably should have seen this coming since whenever she sends me a text it either comes in multiple parts because it is too long to send in one, or I do not reply quick enough so several additional texts are sent to see if I received the first one. In fairness, the results for my texts are skewed since I use Google Voice to send and receive texts and I could not find an easy way to pull out the actual number.  I did discover that I have 1566 texts in my inbox going back 17 months, so I guessed I could average about 92 texts a month, maybe, seems high to me though. I…