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iDrops on my Nexus One

Possibly the worst day EVAAAAR was when I knocked my phone off a metal filing cabinet and it slid, screen down, across another metal cabinet and onto a metal desk... it sucked. Luckily the phone still worked perfect, but the screen suffered a little cosmetic damage that honestly made me friggen cry. I posted on Buzz looking for help and eventually was turned onto iDrops.

The iDrops were about $15 and shipped pretty quickly considering it was the holiday season, I'm not sure the holidays had much bearing on the shipping of a scratch remover/polishing solution, but hey they they seem to affect everything else, so why not!? Anyway, directions were simple; apply a few drops and moderately buff back and forth across the scratch. The catch here is be prepared to spend some time, like 45 minutes or so on the scratches. I spent a good few hours buffing on my scratches. I am pleased to say that some improvement was achieved. Perhaps not the 'like new' results I wanted but still pretty nice. I even pulled out a couple other devices, like my underwater HD cam (uh, cause everyone needs one of those), and saw really nice results. I am pretty convinced that best repair results are achieved on plastics. Overall, I would recommend iDrops to anyone looking to do a little scratch repair, but ONLY if you are patient enough to put in the time to get the results. iDrops are not for lazy suckas.

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