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Global Android Activations, Oct '08 - Jan '11

I'm honestly more impressed with how this data set was visualized than the actual data itself.

When you gotta go...

The bathroom lines weren't 'that' long...

Stupid Double Rainbows

While riding the light rail home from a beer fest today, some very inebriated passengers noticed a 'double rainbow' had appeared after a long day of rain. The over zealous cheers lasted about 15 minutes, and one incredibly excited fella even hopped off the train to get a better picture. Sadly, he made it back on. Even more interesting, the double rainbow cheers didn't wake the dude passed out on the floor in the aisle. Good times.


This has been out for a little while now, but I am posting it here just to make sure everyone has seen it. So. Awesome.

Blogger for Android

The official Blogger app for Android is available. Nice and easy to use, it will be perfect for some quick mobile blogging. Some features include multiple blog support, drafts, and location.
Market Link (web)

Mind Power, I've got it

Recently we had a new toilet installed during the great bathroom remodel of 2011. It's a nice toilet, as far as toilets are concerned, but it had this quirk where the handle would just stay down after flushing. All you needed to do was lift it after flushing and you were good to go, but it was a rather irksome inconvenience. Around the same time I was reading The Lost Symbol, by Dan Brown. There is a lot of talk of Noetic Science in the book and it got me thinking. So, rather than actually fix the toilet handle, I just thought really hard about fixing it. Well guess what suckers, it's fixed, and I did with my mind. I think there are some obvious take aways here and probably best if I point them out.
1. I can do things just by thinking about them.
2. I could probably mess you up just by thinking about it.
3. My wife should be cognizant that when I say, "I'll get to that" ... I might very well be already doing it.

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