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Parov Stelar - Catgroove (TSC - Forsythe)

Another one for Manic Monday Dance Machines...
Did I mention I love paneling? Love it.

Look how dat boy mind me!

Not So Awesome

via sxephil

Pugsley's Best Trick Ever

Over the past 5-6 years I have spent time teaching our dog Pugsley James (yeah, he has a middle name... all super famous action star pugs do) to perform an amazing trick. During the initial evaluation process, only Pugsley James exhibited the natural behavior I felt could be rewarded and built upon to achieve the greatness both Pugsley James and I sought. Training time was exhausting but in the end both Pugsley James and I believe the results were worth all the time and effort invested.


So apparently...
A week or three ago we all went out to this lil Irish bar downtown, and I was really getting into the live music they had performing. So much in fact that I was banging my hand on the table, loudly. Every time my hand hit, my wedding ring hit too, making a sweet 'BOOM' every time it hit. It was also steadily leaving little marks, or as prefer to refer to them as, "tiny craters of destruction" atop the wooden table we were seated at (it was making all our drinks look all Jurassic Park too... BONUS). I didn't know it at the time, but my drumming was apparently not pleasing to the ear of the gentleman to the right here.
Awww so mad. My ring is made of solid tungsten brah! It devastates everything it touches, pets, electronics, small children, and yes, even hard wood table tops. There was this one time a guy was trying to rob a bank, and I knocked him out with my ring in one tap. Then I took the stolen money and bought a box of tacos, cause that'…

Two lil Birdies

My pops threw this pic up on G+ the other day, he even had a similar caption for it... but he's out of town.

Bathroom Snacks!

Earlier (as in before now) I came across the following scene...

Random just got moar Randomer

When I started this blog my only promise was that it would be random. I never guaranteed hilarity (that might not be true) and I never really could put this blog into a category of any kind (people are always trying to put me into boxes). I just wanted a place to put the randomness I come across out for other randoms to see and enjoy (whether or not they want to). Things were good back then, but out of nowhere I decided that if or when I wanted to blog about something tech related, I couldn't do it here and created an entirely new blog just for that. That was a dumb idea. As you can tell, I can hardly keep the content here fresh, let alone trying to keep another blog running. Add that with work and school (still going strong after all these years), hockey and games and the honey do list and the ever increasing demands of a truck owner (seriously?) and my new found love of yard work... no way I can handle both and provide them with the tender loving care they deserve. As I said, t…