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Best. Site. Ever.
(after this one of course)


Let me share a story, a story that chronicles the universe's attempt to destroy me, and my inability to be defeated.
Last week I was cruising down the freeway on my way into work. I was streaming some tunes and sipping on my morning cup of joe, just being awesome. Then, all of the sudden while taking a sip of my warm beverage ... EXPLOSION!! I casually glance towards the noise and see my passenger side rear window has exploded all over the inside of my ride. I nonchalantly set my coffee down, pick a few pieces of glass out from my collar, and glance in the side view mirror. I do not see any glass being strewn across the freeway so I take another sip of my beverage and continue on my way into work. I've got places to be and things to do. Nice try universe.

Threaded Comments in Blogger ...for your face!

At long last Blogger's commenting system supports threaded comments, which means I've removed Disqus from here and gone back to the native system. Should be easier for ... some... of you.
Also, do not think for a second that the irony of how frequently I post here about comments and the fact that no one ever comments here has been lost. It is not, trust me.

In order for this to work on your blog make sure your post feed is set to "full" and your comment form is set to "embedded".

For more information on this new update visit the Blogger Buzz.

Update: People are saying they are having difficulty getting this working on customized templates. Visit this thread at Blogger help for some possible fixes.

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