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The Point of Voice Mail

What is the point of voice mail?

Well it sure as shit isn't to tell me who you are and that you called. I can pretty much gather that information from the fact that you are listed as a MISSED CALL in my caller ID. As far as I am concerned the point of voice mail is to tell the person you are calling.... WHY you are calling. That's it, just let me know why you are calling, cause if you don't I am going to assume that you don't need to be called back.

Let's summarize shall we.
1. If you call and leave a message that just says who you are and that you called, you will not be called back.
2. If you call and do not leave any message, you will not be called back, because I don't know if your call was important.
3. If you call and leave a message that says why you called, I will call you back.

Sounds simple right? I suggest you all take a similar stance on this so we can put an end to pointless voice mail messages and better society.

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