A friend moves on...

In Memoriam She was six months old. She was running loose and dodging the traffic on Interstate -10. She was rescued from the flying cars & trucks and taken to where she might find a home. She was adopted by our family at the local PetSmart and we took her home. She was called, fittingly enough, "Freeway". And she was a pretty good dog.

In her youth, if the front door was open just a little, she would rocket past you, race to the pond, and attempt to catch her a duck. Unfortunately, the ducks would never cooperate.I can't remember if she ever caught one, but she sure had a great time trying!

On the other hand, we had a terrible time trying to catch her as she tried to catch them. Well, I mean, Mom and I, had a terrible time... The boys, however, would look like they were trying to do the snatch and grab; but they were (I think) having as much fun playing and splashing in the water as much as Freeway did.

Her rapid escapes were the highlight of her day. She lived to blast free and run. Which she did without the slightest hesitation; despite our pleas and curses to the contrary.

It was almost like she was one of the kids... Because they didn't listen all that well either. But as time moved along, she continued to be a constant threat to break loose and run, but she was losing a step, she was easier to catch, and the local ducks weren't really all that concerned about her anymore. We were all growing older, growing up, and moving on. Three years ago, we moved from the Chandler house with it's teeny, tiny, little yard, to Maricopa, with 5 acres of lizards, frogs, squirrels, toads, and snakes to chase and try to catch. Out here in the desert, she actually did catch a few varmints, vermin and/or critters, as evidenced by some unusual droppings both fore and aft. But it wasn't going to last much longer. In recent years she had been developing several conditions that had begun to take their toll on her body and mind. There were problems with her thyroid. She became incontinent. She was nearly deaf. She had developed severe arthritis & hip dysplasia, and had difficulty walking. There were times when we had to lift her up just so she could stand. There were few good times anymore for Freeway. On October 9Th, I decided to do what I felt was the right thing for her. Mom was in Indiana. I was alone in this decision. On October 8th, I gave her a nice dinner, and the next morning a very nice breakfast. We walked to the car, I opened the door, and she actually tried to jump in, but I just picked her up and set her in the seat. Before anything was final and decided, the vet gave her a physical exam just to see how she was. When finished, she agreed that what I had asked for, would be the right thing to do. The vet explained how she would take care of her. She would feel no pain. She would simply go to sleep. Freeway would be free of her suffering. I couldn't stay to watch. I had told no one of my plan, and told no one what I had done. I still feel bad that I didn't. Maybe I should have, but everyone loved her so much, that I felt they wouldn't agree with me. It won't change things about what I did, but I had been in this situation only one other time; when I was a kid. Back then, I couldn't do anything for her. This time I could. Freeway was a pretty good friend. And I bet she's gittin' them ducks now! pop


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