Knocked Up

NEWS FLASH!! Kerry and Kori Sanguigni are pregnant. Well just Kori is pregnant, I hear people saying "we are pregnant" a lot nowadays but I think is sounds a little ignorant. I mean come on, you both cant be pregnant, unless you're a pair of lesbians or a fully functional hermaphrodite (I think). Only the woman is pregnant. What ever happened to, "my wife is pregnant" or "Sally's knocked up" Fact is if the man could have the baby then I would be having one with a scheduled C-section so I can cash in on some maternity leave! Anyway I have digressed from my point, and that point is the the Sanguignis are having a baby. It is due in May. Congratulations.


  1. I am just hoping they lost their picture everyone signed at the wedding...I am really not fit to babysit Kerry III...

  2. I know have in writing that you will....


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