The alternator incident

Well Thomas and I finally settled the strike. We put the terms of payment on the back burner but I did receive free skate sharpens for life along with permission to drink any beer I find in his fridge. I decided to write about a little incident that we had in T1 or for those of you noobs that didn't hang out at Oceanside, Thomas' 1982 Toyota Tercel lovingly called the "Tap Mobile". Since I didn't drive until I was 17, Thomas was usually my way to work at Oceanside. On Friday nights usually Thomas, Kerry, Jimmy, and I would all either be working or hanging out at Oceanside with nothing better to do. (We honestly were dorks...But, look at us now!) Thomas came by my house to pick me up and make the 10 mile drive to Tempe. For some reason; Thomas came about an hour earlier than necessary giving the explanation of needing to stop by Auto Zone to test and charge his battery. The amateur "parts specialist" diagnosed the problem as not a battery problem, but a dead alternator. We asked if the battery would have enough "juice" to make it to work and he said if we didn't run into too many stop lights. Since John Senior had told us the car was not fit for the freeway, we did some signs of the cross and embarked on our journey. At first we thought that maybe turning the lights off when stopped would make the battery last longer. Soon however, we decided that if that would save battery turning the entire car off would save even more. Needless to say this was pretty dumb because it takes more battery to start a car then to let it idle for 2 minutes. What can I say we weren't the most mechanically inclined people. (A fact that holds true to this day). This story really isn't funny except for when we made it to Curry and Scottsdale Road the car started to make some funny noises and we got a little concerned. All of a sudden we heard a loud boom followed by the African-American people in the car next to us yelling "Hey Honkeys, yo car is on fire...sheeeet". It possibly would have been a bit more funny but we had to ask them to repeat themselves because we were busy diving into thorn bushes. Seeing as though neither of us had cell phones we had to find a pay phone and then sprint across Curry against traffic to get Kerry's attention for a ride to work. I still have no idea how we got home since our houses were out of Kerry's bubble... *Disclaimer* The blogs will continue to be this boring until Thomas stocks his fridge with better beer and/or Captain Morgan...Also, I am not sure what cats need to be let out of the bag with the (very) elder Tenkely's on this board...I could write novels on dumb drunk shit Danny does, but then he would have nothing to talk about to pick up women with. *Second Disclaimer* I have not yet had a drink today, therefore nothing I say is interesting in the least bit.


  1. Justy, Need more input...

    What exactly was the "strike"? Will the "terms of payment ever be settled and revealed?

    "Tap-Mobile", "Turd-Mobile", same thing.

    Decent story despite the omissions.

  2. um you forget about me


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