Mobiscope - Easy Home surveillance

Mobiscope - Easy Home surveillance HAH! I did it! I found software for my Blackberry (Mark this could benefit you) that allows me to access a web cam connected to my computer via my Blackberry. So currently I have 2 web cams set up, one in the living room and one in the office. I then access the Mobiscope program on my phone and connect to which camera I would like to view. The program allows me to enable recording of the video from either the computer or the Blackberry. It has motion detection as well, so if there is motion detected in my house the camera will begin recording. The videos are saved to the computer but also accessible from the Blackberry. Currently Mobiscope is a free download for Blackberry and some other Internet enabled phones with Java. In summation, get a Blackberry, get Mobiscope, and keep an eye on your shit. Send me a message in the forum if you want more info. -Thomas