A Day in the Life: Volume 1

Allo, my name iz Missey Moo. I am a three year old Chinese Pug with a French accent. I reside at Tenkely Manor wiss my parents and extended Pug family. My life iz one of extreme relaxation with brief intermittent spurts of high octane energy. In ze morning I crawl out from under ze comforter of my king size bed and 'lightly' dance atop my mother until she feeds me (I start this at 5am). After quickly eating my bowl of hypo-allergenic premium bite sized dog chow, I lick ze other four bowls until I can no longer taste ze sweet flavor of what must be imported Kangaroo. Zhen, I must return to a warm spot and continue my nap. Eventually, my parents leave for work and I relocate to my Cedar filled day bed until ze sun rises. Once ze sun has risen I again must relocate to my chase double lounger where I can bask in ze sun and continue to get my beauty sleep for a few more hourz. Occasionally ze other Pugs join me, but they bother me, so I moan and hit zhem with my paws. In ze afternoons I like to stroll around ze pool and look in ze planters for a delicious rock to suck on and zhen I must take another nap. I will sleep until my father getz home around 4pm, and zhen demand he feed me. Lately he just locks me outside, so I have instructed my son Doo to scratch ze new screen door until I am let back inside. This iz not working and I will have to develop a new plan soon. It iz usually not until my mother returnz home that I finally receive my meal. After dinner I cuddle up with whoever iz sitting or lying down and wait until I finally get to go to bed. Well, I must bid you adieu for now, all zhis blogging has made me oh so tired.


  1. tres fantastique! I think your dogs have a cushier life than my kid does. Wait, maybe not. But close... a little too close.


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