Passwords, et al.

It never ends, most every site you visit implores you to sign up & register, and when you do, the torture begins... Provide a login name Provide a screen name Provide your full name (last name first, first name last) Provide your address, your phone number (home, work, cell, & fax) Provide your credit card number (don't worry, they're not going to use it) And don't forget the password... It must be 6-8 characters, alphanumeric, must contain UPPERCASE, lowercase, use special characters, don't use special characters, don't use a previous one that you've already memorized, and for God's sake don't use anything that you might be able to remember!!! And, of course, I'm not supposed to write the passwords down somewhere, nooo, I'm supposed to remember what they all are! I have a hard enough time remembering which of my young men is the nimrod, the numbskull or the nitwit! Jebus Bald-headed Cripes!!! Is there no end to this excrement?!?!?!! Not a chance, but fret not dear reader, as this whole issue should be good for the old pre-frontal cortex! (?). Here endeth the lesson. Go in peace.