20 Things That Make Ninjas Cry-

  1. Salt thrown into an open cut on the surface of their eye
  2. Oprah
  3. Nut Shots
  4. Paper cuts on that little bit of skin between their fingers
  5. A possible Microsoft purchase of Yahoo
  6. Skinned knees
  7. The delay of new episodes of Heroes
  8. Nut Shots
  9. too much wasabi
  10. not enough wasabi
  11. Dr Phil
  12. The "Evanator"
  13. colonoscopies
  14. puppies
  15. the scene in 'My Girl' where Macaulay Culkin dies
  16. dropping a tequila bottle on their big toe
  17. those 'deep' pimples
  18. getting bit by a gerbil
  19. a boot to the head
  20. pricking a finger on a chinese star

Or at least thats what I have heard...


  1. Hitting the wine a bit too hard again, eh?


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