Subaru XT

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If you are anyone, then you know the insane amount of rockness a Subaru XT brings it's owner. Check out the sleek 'wedge' shaped design and baller 14" wheels with cross hatched hub caps! I consider this car the Anti-Mullet, as instead of an S.F.L.B. (short front long back) it rocks the L.F.S.B. (long front short back). Lets start with some specs:
Manufacturer Subaru
Parent company Fuji Heavy Industries
Also called Subaru Alcyone, Subaru Vortex
Production 1985–1991
Successor Subaru Alcyone SVX
Class Sport compact
Body style(s) 2-door coupe
Engine(s) 1.8L 97 hp H4

1.8L 112 hp (85-86) 115 hp (87-91) H4 2.7L 145 hp H6

Transmission(s) 4-speed Automatic

5-speed Manual Overdrive

Wheelbase 97.00 in (2,464 mm)
Length 177.60 in (4,511 mm)
Width 66.50 in (1,689 mm)
Height 52.60 in (1,336 mm)
Fuel capacity 15.9 US gal (60.2 L/13.2 imp gal)
(Source: Wikipedia) This ride is flat out GANGSTER. Designed after the New Mexican "Roswell" UFOs, anyone seen is this car can only be described as out of this world. The shifter is shaped like a joystick and one can not help feeling like they are playing a sweet game of Asteroids, with the best graphics EVER! I had the pleasure of owning one of these rare gems while in my hay day, and rest assured when I get enough scratch saved up... definitely getting another one! Did I mention the flip up cool!


  1. A friend of mine had this car as well. After purchasing his spaceship he was knee deep in the poon.

    As hard as I searched on the thing I could never find the flux capacitor.


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