Sushi, Bull Riding, and Video Games

How many security guards does it take to throw Traci out of Dave and Busters? Six, but I better start at the beginning. It all started at 7:00 last night. We had plans to go down to Cafe Wasabi (McClintock and Southern) with the gang for Sushi and Saki Bombers. T Nolan had just bought a new car so Traci and I picked up the boys from hockey practice beforehand, then met up with her all the peeps. I feel it is important to note here that Rob joined us as well, but his mustache did not. At the cafe, things started off great. As usual the sushi was amazing, the Saki was delicious, and the atmosphere was fantastic. I believe we did 2 or 3 rounds of bombers and a couple rolls each before piling in to Eric's Mazda and heading off to Cadillac Ranch.
We were not a Cadillac Ranch more than ten minutes before the girls started riding that mechanical bull, Traci included. After a failed attempt to ride the bull tandem style with Stef, Traci gave the bull a solo ride.
*Disclaimer* The following footage is unedited and presented in its entirety for your viewing. If you have small children it would be best for you to punch them in an eye so it's harder to see.
Video removed due to dependency on spousal salary.
It was shortly after a couple of drinks and this bull ride that we left Cadillac Ranch and met back up with T Nolan and the boys at Dave and Busters for a little video gaming. We split up pretty quick at D&B, everyone has their own agenda there, but Josh and I attempted to stay close to Traci, Jordan, and T Nolan. Traci was deep into a game of 'coin pusher' (that's what I call it) I had noticed once a security guard ask her not to hit the machine to make more coins fall, she obliged. Josh and I continued on our hunt to get the most tickets but suddenly there was a commotion behind us. We turned to look at the ruckus and saw Traci laughing in the face a short red faced security guard. This man was quickly joined by five other D&B security, then Traci was promptly escorted out the front door. I asked what was going on, why was she being thrown out. The reply, which I will quote, was, "It is just time for her to call it a night." Seriously, Traci was escorted out of D&B by six security guards. Turns out she was in the gift shop throwing balls at Jordan when security first approached her and she started laughing at them. We said good bye to everyone we could and took T Nolan's new Expedition back home. The best party of the evening was still to come though. Traci had just laid down to get to sleep when her phone rang. It was "Officer So-and-So" with the Tempe Police Department. He was calling investigating a report of a disturbance and D&B earlier that evening. Traci shot up in bed and started saying, "I was with my family" and "We were in the gift shop" Unfortunately it took her longer than I thought it would to realize she was not speaking with an officer of the law. John Nolan, having heard this story, blocked his number and gave Traci a jingle. Kudos to John for delivering the final blow of the evening!