April Fools Day and other usless news.

So I just now noticed that I made a post on April Fools and there was no joke involved. Honestly, I am just disappointed in myself, truly I am better than that and I apologize to the four of you who were let down. (link) In other news, an unnamed individual, earned an unnameable number of bad ass points when he had a seizure on the operating table, bit his tongue, went into symmetrical tachycardia, and had to be shocked. That is not how he earned the BAPs though. I awarded him the BAPs for peeing on the foot of his nurse afterwards. That's telling them how you feel (BTW the anesthesiologist who missed his nerve and put nerve blocker into his blood stream... For sure sent him a bill for his "services" AND "Resuscitation" is a line item on it, $550. Tenkely.Net will fund-raise, buy an AED, drive around, save lives, and send out bills (sounds good huh?). Revenue will be used to purchase insurance. (no link) In the most recent news, my 6th grade Literature teacher is being investigated for child molestation. (link) And finally some good news, Naomi Campbell might be banned from British Airways for 'Freaking Out' at an airline employee for allegedly loosing one of her bags. She hopes things can be handled 'amicably'. I hope they ban her then run an ad campaign bragging about it! (link)


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  1. Regarding the BAP issuance:

    To the Academy of BadAssism...

    I am truly, truly humbled and honored by this award.
    All the pain and suffering is now forgotten in the light of this accolade.
    (ceptin' for that rat bastard anesthesiologist!!!)

    First of all, I gots to thank the Jebus, cuz He make all things probable:
    THANK YOU, Jebus!!

    I would also like to thank all my peeps, homeys, & kinfolk for all their support during this time of crisis and universal brouhaha.
    THANK YOU, peeps, homeys & kinfolk!



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