Best Business Card Ever

Wow. When I say this is a business card, I mean business. But who's business? From the look of that giant, phallic fountain in the back, maybe Dan is getting ready to give you the business! Is this a real estate card or a cover for his other, less mentioned side job as a male prostitute? (Hows it hanging man? A little to the left, my left not yours.) For those who are unfamiliar with the chubby cheeked gentleman adjacent to the huge geyser, I will direct you to the video below for a short clip from the recent 90's party.
HAH! Love it! (Looks like he attracts some male callers as well.) That dance must be how he keeps his ladies coming back for more. But who was the camera man that couldn't divert away from D's southern hemisphere? Good question. If I find out, I will be sure to have that individual contact Dan so he can thank him for getting all dolled up and all he brings to the party! Wurd up Dantalope, you need a bigger dress.


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