A word or two about denim.

By far the most under rated material, denim just flat out rocks. There are a multitude of ways denim can be enjoyed, most popularly in the form of jeans. However there is one ensemble that is often over looked, scoffed at, and disrespected. The Canadian Tuxedo.
The combination of denim pants paired with an equally awesome denim jacket screams, "all business". The 'CT' was invented back in 1658 by a very cold and lonely Canadian ice fisher. He had decided that his denim jeans would look even better if he had a jacket that matched. Using only what he had in his hut, he fashioned the worlds first Canadian Tuxedo out of fishing line and pike scales, with several fish lure buttons.
Upon returning to town in his new outfit, he was hailed as a hero among the Canadian people, and the Canadian Tuxedo went into mass production. Unfortunately, our hero died shortly after his achievement of an infection related a denim induced full body rash. .
According to legend, the Canadian people erected a monument of a moose wrapped in denim in his honor, however no one has ever seen it.
The Canadian Tuxedo remains today, and is by far the best use of denim ever conceived. I suggest you run out and buy one today.


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