Bad Review

Recently this blog suffered a "Bad Review". Two unnamed individuals, whom have no background in media review, and whose opinion I really shouldn't have taken too seriously, but I did anyway, apparently feel the this blog lacks a depth of substance and goes on to say "you just blog about tacos". As far as introductory, run on sentences go... the above one is fantastic. As far as the comments made by the unnamed food critics, I have the following response. First of all, tacos rock, end of discussion. Upon an in-depth analysis of the past content of this blog, only one taco post has been found to date. This, if my math serves me correctly, is not a “just” amount. As a matter of fact, the percentage of taco related posts on this blog is 2% (not including this post which is merely referencing a prior taco related post and is not itself a post about tacos). Second, the subject matter presented here is incredibly diverse, so diverse in fact that the English language's limited letter count is not nearly diverse enough to demonstrate the unfathomable amount of diversity demonstrated here (it's true). Not only do the topics and subject matter have a wide range, but the medium in which they are presented vary immensely also! Written word, audio, video, and slide shows are just a few of the mediums employed (Braille coming soon). I am given the impression the "reviewers" may not have ever even read, seen, or heard this blog and were merely making off the cuff remarks to emotionally unrest this writer and see if they could get a reaction (like all bullies do). As you can see your cruel and unfounded remarks have not bothered or shamed me in any way! I do not even need to dignify them with a response (please dismiss everything above)! To you I say, Good Day Sir! I said Good Day!!

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  1. Sounds like something I would say.. but I don't recal saying all of that... maybe some... indirectly.. then again maybe not to your face... hmm..:-) I personally will find it more entertaining to read since simply because its now on my homepage, thanks to you... oh wait.. thanks to me... :) I will like it even more if you find and post contact info for some nice lads who are comparable to Noah and um Edward also apparently... K thanks. :)(the names are testing you btw.. ) :)


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