Time Capsules

If you are like me, your younger school years may have included the creation and burial of a time capsule or two. In my particular case, there were dozens of these PVC pipes full of 1980's and 90's memories, or crap as it is more commonly referred to. This lead me to a few questions. First of all where did I bury all these things? I would love nothing more than to grab a shovel and go recover some of my stuff but I cant even remember where I left them all. Nearly all of them were for school projects, which meant I probably was not paying attention so... Secondly, How do I know someone has not already dug these time capsules up? AND if they did in fact dig them up, why was I not called? Is my name not on some kinda of time capsule registry? Is there such a thing as a time capsule registry, am I on it? Do I need to make one? Seeing as how I know I buried crap in the ground but, A- don't know where it is, and B-am not sure it is even there, I have come to two conclusions. 1. I could buy used "memories" (aka crap) online, bury it, wait a week, dig it up and act surprised. OR 2. You can tell me where you have your time capsules buried so I can dig yours up and pretend it is mine (unless your stuff is wicked lame, then I will say something like, "whoa, this isn't mine! this stuff is wicked lame!"). I think either way I win.


  1. Wow. That was a random post, but it did make me giggle... all very good points you bring up...


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