Good Blogs vs Filler

It has been quite a while since any "good blogs" have been posted here. That is not to say that the blog has not been entertaining, however, what you have seen is called "filler". "filler" is what is posted to keep you reading/viewing during prolonged sessions of writer's block, extreme laziness, loss of digits, or a combination of two or more of the afore mentioned items. Some examples of recent "filler" around here are the multiple YouTube videos, the picture with a sentence description, and the "name change". Some examples of "good blogs" are the "house sitting rules" and of course the "dash cam".
I had mentioned in an email earlier this year I would be adding two more authors to the roster. Well, that still has not happened, and here's why. Shortly after announcing the planned additions, I bloody broke Blogger. So far to date, Blogger's been busted for almost 2 months. As soon and Blogger bothers un-busting this busted blog, I can fulfill the prophecy and increase the contribution flow. Are you still with me after the alliterations?
Something else I would like to mention is that I officially am in need of a landscaper. Apparently my all natural Xeriscape turned out to be just a bunch of weeds. So... someone come pull them because they are fairly unsightly. OH I almost forgot to mention I am getting a banana tree. Seriously. I saw one at the home show, totally gonna get one and grow my own bananas. Don't worry, I will share, maybe.
In conclusion, my wife cheated and fixed Last Comic Standing so Iliza (can I get a spell check on this weird ass spelling) won. She (wife) called way to many times, so if you see her, call her a cheater.
Good night-