Large Hardon Collider

The importance of two letters is significant, VERY significant. Earlier today I had asked someone if they heard how the "Large Hardon Collider" test went. My inquiry was kindly returned with an inquisitive, "Whats that? Two naked dudes with boners running into each other?" Gross. As taken a back as I was with the disturbing images that followed the comment (you know what I mean), I realize that some thing as small as the placement of two letters in a 19 letter name, can have a colossal impact on ones mind. The lesson here is to be wary, very wary. By the way the first test for the Large Hadron Collider were apparently successful and we have not all died in a black hole. Thats a bonus.


  1. at least they should be facing each other (if the collider is calibrated properly).


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