Voting Guide: Prop. 102

Voting 'No' on Prop. 102 will earn you a Bad Ass Point.
Voting 'Yes' on Prop. 102 makes you a piece of shit.

So remember when voting this year, unless you are a piece of shit, vote NO on Prop. 102.

PSA provided by Tenkely.Net and the Coalition of People who are not Pieces of Shit.


  1. I would vote yes...just to spite you!

  2. thank you for the voting guide. it is truly accurate. my sister high fives you as well. =)

  3. you should run for have a unique way with words, and you know just the right way to tell us what to do, which is a quality any elected official must have

  4. But all those happy children on their mailer told me yes for marriage. Im so confused.


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