Today in SanFrancisco

After a full day of networking and seminars, Traci and I got a chance to tool around the city just a little bit. The map below is a GPS tracked map of where we have been, it should up date as we move along so check it out. We thought we would hoof it to this restaurant the Shepherds recommended called "The Stinking Rose". The G1 said it was only like 1.6 miles so we said sweet and started walking. Turns out that SanFran has a bunch of hills in it and the walk ended up being much longer (when you account for incline). Anyway the chow was DEFINATLEY worth the walk, but we did cab it back to the hotel...


  1. I've got four things for you to do while in SF.
    #1- Take the ferry to Sausalito and tool around there for a while- then make your way (via bus) to Muir Woods. It is really cool.
    #2- Eat at Mona Lisa (353 Columbus Ave) for dinner. It's amazing.
    #3- Take a Segway tour. They are really fun. The starting point is right next to Ghirardelli Square.
    #4- Rent a car and go to Danville (it's where I'm from). Best town ever.


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