The Bush Shoe Toss Revisited.

As you all may remember, recently an Iraqi journalist found himself so emotionally moved by our lovable Texan, that he tossed his shoes to him in a gesture of friendship and universal goodwill.
However, GDub (perhaps remembering the recent polls) failed to recognize the gesture as such and called upon his Ninja skills to force the footware projectiles to move around him. 
While those unschooled in the Ninja way, will say that El Presidente merely ducked the incoming shoes. But I have been assured by The Captain that these people are dipwads and therefore should not be acknowledged. 
So, gentle reader, you may ask yourself why I'm bringing this incident up? (as well you should.)
Since I have watched the video of this incident multiple times, I have come up with but one ominous observation...
It would appear that the "Secret Service" who are tasked with protecting our president at all costs, will gladly take a bullet for him,  but   not   a   shoe!!  (or even two shoes).
I fear that this non-reaction by the "secret service" can only bring a sense of foreboding to the black guy who takes over on January 20.
Be advised and be aware.
The preceding is my observation alone and in no way reflects
the views and/or opinions of Dolphin Free.