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UPDATE: This post is out of date current information on the epic comment system can be found here:

Ok, so I have recently received some feedback suggesting that the new comment system was too confusing or dificult to understand. So here is what I have done to address your concerns.
1- I have re-enabled Blogger's inline comments, which means you will see a link under every post for comments (click on it). Comments here are post specific.
2- You can see a "comment box" to the right side of the page. That comment box is similar to a "Wall". It is not attached to any paticular post and can be used to sound off about anything you wish. Anything written in this box will show through out the blog, not just on the page you typed it on. 
3- There is a 3rd comment box on the bottom of the blog. This is/was the failed attempt at the new comment system I tried to utilized but received such poor feedback. This paticular comment box will only remain long enough for the people who wrote in it to move their comments to another box, should they wish to do so.
In summation, comments can be left for each blog by clicking the comment link under it and/or you can leave site wide comments using the section on the right.
Any questions call (520) 366-8695 and leave a voicemail comment.


  1. I rated this post as both epic and fail. Get it - epic fail. Love you!

  2. I have rated it with an OMG Epic Fail for multiple reasons.The first reason being I am stil bitter at the removal of the most recent post. Second, for providing an incomplete number to leave a voice comment. Good thing I didn't intend on leaving one anyway ;)For the record, I am aware that the corect number is directly above this box, but it's fun to call you out.:)

    p.s. Thanks for taking our complaints into consideration:)


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