A Home Divided

I must start by saying I love my wife, she rocks (even though she wakes me up everyday with that damn channel 3 news). Recently, as in today, she decided she would start her own blog. She had been kicking around the idea for some time and finally decided to take the plunge. I was SO happy and proud of my little wife....then I saw her blog, brazenly titled, "The Better Half; of Tenkely.Net". OK, so that's a pretty controversial and bold statement to make in the title of a blog, but I will see if she has any evidence to support this 'theory'. I scrolled to her opening post, it was riddled with inaccuracies and 'crazy talk' (that's the technical term). Claims like, "He is... goofy..." and "He blogs about...crap..." Seriously?!?!? Where is the evidence, the supporting documentation? There isn't any because it doesn't exist. I don't blog about crap, that would be inappropriate and disgusting. I also am definitely not "goofy" if that were the case Disney would be cutting me a fat check and you can bet your ass I would have an XBOX, seriously. So by the simple fact that I do not have an XBOX, one can deduce that I must truly be the better half. You can visit her blog by following this link here: tracitenkely.blogspot.com but I must warn you, it is only second fiddle to this banana. 
PS. I just earned 23 BAPs for this public wife burn! Oh snap.


  1. Oman this is just the beginning of pure reading entertainment :) I love you, but must direct your readers to my blog ( http://heathers-randomness.blogspot.com/)
    to view for themselves your 'goofiness'... :)

  2. Just because you are threatened by a strong, independent woman doesn't mean you need to cry about it on the internet. Suck it.

  3. I'm sticking with you on this one, Thomas. All due respect to the wife... her blog doesn't have the "wow" factor (yet).


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