Latitude in Action

The other day we decided to check out a new (to us) sushi joint/bar called Sushi Creek, which was awesome (get a "Wise Surprise"....oh man). I have digressed, the wife was already working on that end of town and decided she would meet us (the third member of our bike riding team and I) at the restaurant. (Are you ready for the awesomeness because here it comes) Once she got there, she called me to let me know and I whipped out my phone and looked for her on Latitude. Once I found her, I just clicked on her name and hit "Directions". It was awesome! She uses a Blackberry with no GPS so I was very impressed with how accurate her results were. Even better, while she was waiting on us she wanted to know if we were close so she checked her Latitude and saw us in the same spot as her. She was all "WTF" and then turned around and BAM we were standing right there, FRIGGEN AWESOME!