New Voicemail!

**Warning** Some of the following voicemail contain language which may be inappropriate for younger listeners. Blogger discretion is advised.
I found out my GrandCentral account allows me to set up specific voicemail greetings for anyone I wish. After finding this out I left one for my wife to hear anytime she gets my voice mail. I thought it was a nice gesture, here is what she thought: 
The Yeti and I have G1's and like to keep each other informed when either of us finds an interesting application that the other person might enjoy. Recently I received such a call to inform me about a cool application that allows you to play old school NES on your phone. Here is the voicemail I received:
How come everyone feels the need to insult me at the beginning of a voicemail? It is not a good way to get me to look for your wallet.
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