Caption Contest 3 (bump)

Whooo hooo! It's time for another Caption Contest!! Submit your best caption for the picture below. No, I am not going to share any back story regarding this picture, not only would it cheapen the contest but also I can tell you it will just confuse you to death.
1- Submit as many entries as you wish.
2- No names.
2.5- Have fun
3- We will vote on a winner later.
Submit you entry through the comment section or using the Call Me button (extra points for that).
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  1. The human-like Bonobo (GenTech version V6) of Zaire (formerly The Congo) prepares for a large meal. The primate uses his large sucker-like lips to eat its meals. The primate enjoys bananas and plantains as its favorites. It is said that a healthy male can suck the entire contents of a banana, in mere seconds. This would indicate that this bunch of the pasty fruit will be gone in short order.


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