The End of the World

So I am sitting at Starbucks, across from Traci and we are both mobile blogging (awesome).

Earlier we decided to hop on our bikes and ride down to the Mongolian* BBQ to grab some grub, then hit up Blockbuster for Transporter 3, followed by Starbucks to punctuate our 'poshness'. While we were at Blockbuster Traci pointed out the new Butterfinger, with as much caffeine as an energy drink. Holy shit, my candy is no longer safe. Whenever I think of a Butterfinger I think of Bart Simpson (damn you advertising). Wow can you imagine Bart on one of these things? A pre teen delinquent with ADHD all hopped up on caffeinated chocolate? Amazing. if parents wonder why their kids are all running around humping anything that moves and trying to get on Jackass and Nitro Circus, this is why.

I have long wondered about the Apocalypse, now I don't have to. Thank you Nestle, you have ensured the end of the world.

*Neither Traci or I could remember how to spell Mongolian, so her blog post says 'Mongollian' and mine spells it with one 'L'. We still don't know who is right... heh*


  1. I dig your date night. Mine tonight was spent watching "Confessions of a Shopaholic". Please do not go and see it for your sake.

  2. You guys are way cute. I am excited to try the new Butterfinger! And (xoxo Trac) you win the spelling bee! :)


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