Soda Challenge 09

In yet another attempt to lose some weight without putting forth any more effort than already exerted, I am going to give up soda completely for 30 days and wait for the pounds to magically disappear. Traci and I were talking about what a sloth I have become and we came up with this bet: If I can go 30 days with no soda, then I get a new video game. If I fail the challenge, then she gets a one hour massage, performed by me. I am not the worlds largest fan of giving massages (I have long fingers... very delicate), and Traci flat out hates all the video games I play, so it is a good compromise on both sides. As of writing this post, I currently weigh in at 215 lbs standing 5' 11", with a wing span of 6' 3". The official weigh in is tomorrow morning and I anticipate it being significantly less (coffee and bagel induced weight loss, if you get my drift). I will let you know how it goes and whether or not this soda challenge is legit or if I am going to need to go with "Plan B", ingesting as much Olestra as possible.