Blog War 2009 - Part 1

In case you haven't heard... it's on. It is on like Donkey Kong.
Blog War 2009 is now in full effect, and if you don't know... now you know. Let me start with a little history.
My wife has a little blog she refers to as "The Better Half". Obviously a misnomer, if she and I were twisted in half, like an Oreo, my half would have the frosting. Anyway, her blog is pretty cute. Traci usually posts about our dogs, her crafts, recipes, and other things. I give her 'shout outs' from this site promoting how great she is (My Wife Rocks, A Home Divided, tenkely tips #1). Then, last week, this broad throws a curve ball. Her post titled: The Honey Half-Do List, is one of the most blasphemous literary documents of the 21st century, almost as bad as anything by Ann Coulter (suck it Wood). Riddled with inaccuracies, this work begs the question, "Well lady... what are you doing while these numerous tasks are being performed? Are you just wandering around the house taking pictures of unfinished projects instead of chipping in and assisting your already exhausted, overworked, over schooled, over awesome-d husband?"
The truth is she is not just taking pictures of unfinished projects when she could be helping. No, she could never do that. There is no way it is even possible for her to even consider not helping! She can't because it is impossible to do anything when you are passed the F out!
Like Garfield, Dagwood, and others before her, Traci naps, a lot. Every time I turn around this chick is sleeping. In chairs, couches, beds, cars, the kitchen table, reading nooks, pool decks, ANYWHERE! She has this amazing ability to just fall asleep, not only wherever, but in whatever position she is in, and some of them look very uncomfortable. My personal favorite passed out position is the one where she is face down, hands to her sides, mouth open, drooling. Although equally entertaining is the one where she is sitting straight up, book or laptop still on lap or in hand (classic). I also seemed to notice a correlation between my honey do list and when these cat naps would occur, and thusly began documenting them quite sometime ago. The following image is a compilation of of said documentation. Maybe she is trying to get enough sleep for the both of us since all these projects, work, and school do not allow me any...

Oh snap... it has been brought-en!
BAPs earned for this post: 4

UPDATE: Within 2 hours of reading this post, Traci fell asleep while we were getting ready to go out.


  1. I really can't help the fact that waiting for you is tiring, no, exhausting work!

  2. Oh my goodness! A Virtual Marital War of Words!!
    But, T, you've got to get in tight and turn down the flash to pick up the highlights off the drool. Also, if you can, try to catch her as she does a drool bubble. Always a conversation starter. Carry on.

  3. Haha! I laughed while I read this- but I think mostly at the part where you said ...'over schooled...' :) Also- some of those pics are duplicated and that's cheating. Just sayin'...

  4. I was wondering when you would respond to Traci's list. I sure got a chuckle out of that one and now yours. This should be good.

  5. Hey needing all this sleep....maybe she is pregnant!!


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