Soda Challenge 09 - Results

July 1st marked the end of my 30 day soda Challenge, and I absolutely freaking dominated it.
It was actually incredibly easy to do, but there are some items I wish to discuss. First of all, seeing as how Traci decided Red Bull counts as soda, I had to switch up my AM energy supplement routine (by AM supplement routine I mean drinking Monster's in the shower).
I tried this drink called Verve. This stuff sucks. It is the grittiest stuff I have ever drank, it felt like I was drinking a glass of beach sand. Second, guess what doesn't count as soda... milkshakes. Most of the meals I ate substituted a milkshake for soda... pretty sweet, right? That last bit probably helps explain why I weighed in at 215 when we started this thing and my ending weight was 214. Never the less, I am officially declaring that the Soda Challenge is an ineffective way to loose weight, but more importantly it is a very effective way to increase you milkshake consumption. So I had just beaten the Soda Challenge, what was I gonna do next? I went to the QT first thing in the AM and bought a 52oz Code Red of course (suck it Disneyland)!
So any suggestions on which video game I should pick as my prize?
(BAPs earned for Soda Challenge: Zero, too dang easy to earn any BAPs)


  1. Way to go, Thomas. I decided that July would be soda free (inspired by this reputable blog I frequent)... I'll let you know how it goes. I picked up lemonade instead of milkshakes.

  2. ...oh, and I'm jonesing for a Dr. Pepper.

  3. Milkshakes?! Really?! I apparently did not do such a clear and concise job of drawing up the rules for said challenge. I think this is a forfeit.

    And he really does drink soda in the shower. And then leaves the cans. It's weird. Who drinks soda in the shower? Who drinks anything in the shower?

  4. Pretty much I'm just annoyed that you drank that many milkshakes and still lost a pound! Glad you are back on the caffeine though- you ar emuch too pms-y without! :) And, Trac, sometimes I drink in the shower too... although I think it's primarily a boy thing... hmmm

  5. drinkin' in the shower? whats that all about.

  6. Drinking soda in the shower? Weird

    Drinking beer in the shower? Routine


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